Review: Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope

For a few months, I was trying to play golf the old fashion way. Walking off yardages, calculating slope, trying to figure out flag location, all things I don’t want to do. All things that make the game too complicated for the average golfer. Then I was able to get my hands on the brand-new Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope rangefinder, and everything changed.

This rangefinder is money. I’ll go over all the amazing features in a bit, but let’s start with the looks. This laser is the best looking on the market. Not only is it light, but it’s just cool. Blue Tees did a phenomenal job at designing a rangefinder that would be visually pleasing to the weekend player. The carry case couldn’t be better, as it not only features a zipper pouch, but a latch at the top which allows the player to secure the case throughout the round without having the zip it up after every shot. That feature may be one of my favorites.

Now let’s get to the tech, and we’ll start with the one in the name. Slope. The Series 2 Pro Slope calculates and adjusts for slope in unison with the actual yardage. No more waiting around for the adjusted number, which I’ve experienced with other lasers.

Next is their Flag-Lock technology. You can now be confident with the number on the screen because the Series 2 Pro Slope will vibrate once it locks in on the flag/target. This feature takes all the guess work out of thinking if you got the distance to the flag, or the woods behind the green.

The last 3 features make it a must-own; Water resistant, 800 yard range, and a HD display.

But my favorite, the price tag. A standard rangefinder will run you $400-$500, which is high enough for the average golfer to think twice about getting one. But the Series 2 Pro Slope is $199, everyday of the week. And with Black Friday coming up, Blue Tees is offering even bigger savings.

Since having the Pro Slope in my bag, it has met every need, and more. It’s been money on Par 3’s, but also when figuring out distances to bunkers and water. It’s solid construction wise, and has yet to give me the wrong yardage to the flag. It will be staying in my bad for a LONG time.

Head over to to grab your own Series 2, or to check out everything else Blue Tees has going on.

Cover via Instagram

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